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Updated on July 18, 1999.
October 8 - 16, 1999

Northwest Scuba Festival
September 11, 1999
Hoodsport, Washington

Join Omni Divers and Help with Our Booth for
Special Olympics

Northwest Dive News is proud to announce that, in association with the Law Enforcement Torch Run Program for Special Olympics, we will be co-hosting the 1999 Northwest SCUBA Festival. The Festival will be a SCUBA based event that will raise funds to support Special Olympics. The Festival will include land and water events, contests of skill, events for kids, and a treasure hunt. These will generate funds for Special Olympics and a positive awareness of SCUBA diving in the Pacific Northwest.

This event would attract hundreds of divers and non-divers from all around the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia, Canada). Divers would participate in ecologically friendly contests and demonstrations for the purpose of winning valuable prizes and raising funds for the Special Olympics. Non-divers would enjoy the many beach events, contests, activities and demonstrations.


1. Raise money for Special Olympics.
2. Increase and promote community involvement.
3. Build and promote a spirit of cooperation and message of commonality in the Pacific Northwest dive industry.
4. Promote active diving and a positive message about diving in general.

Scope of the Event:

A 1-day SCUBA based event to include:
Treasure Hunt
Food Booths
Chili or Clam Chowder Cook off
Kids/Children's Events (Carnival and Games)
Introduction to SCUBA pool
Displays and demonstrations
Clam chowder or oyster eating contests
Dive Olympics events
See U.S. Navy Seal Team
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team demonstration
Boat rides/exhibitions
FREE intro to SCUBA experience
Navy SAR Helo Demonstration
Dive Charter Boats Pier
Baywatch boat and girls
Fun and games for the kids

Dive Olympics Events:

Treasure Hunt
Magellan Madness - Navigation Course
Buoyancy Control Steeplechase
Dive Kayak Race
Mile Distance Swim
Team relay race


Food, Information, Demonstrations and Displays
Groups and businesses are encouraged to come and set up booths for information, food, fun, etc.

There is a $25 administrative charge to have a booth and the money goes to Special Olympics. Attendees can hand out promotional items, sell hats, T-shirts or equipment. They must agree to share profits from all sales with Special Olympics.


Held on the Hood Canal, Washington at Rest-a-While RV Park and Mike's Beach Resort
Centralized location for Idaho, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia residents
Calm, protected waters
Limited Currents
Good camping and services
Near to Port Townsend and Shelton


September 11, 1999

The 2nd Saturday in September 1999. The weekend after Labor Day. Good weather and still warm from summer. Washington Water Weeks is August 28th-October 6th.


We estimate 200 to 500 divers and 1000 to 3000 non-divers. On any given summer weekend, there are 100 divers on the Hood Canal from Hoodsport to Port Townsend. There are 150 dive shops that carry and support NWDN. This doesn't count the 30 dive charters, 30 dive clubs, 25 dive resorts and Omni Divers Underwater Services, L.L.C. that also carry the magazine. We hope to host the largest SCUBA event in the Pacific Northwest!

Rick Stratton, Publisher
Northwest Dive News
PO Box 1494
Oak Harbor, WA 98277
(360) 240-1874 or

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