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Inspection and Engineering Evaluation Services

Underwater Inspection and Engineering Evaluation Services
Engineering Underwater Inspection Consulting Surveys Analysis Evaluation

Engineering: Licensed Professional Engineers, P.E. on staff and on site to assess problems and recommend and/or implement cost effective solutions.

Underwater: Commercial Divers, qualified and trained, to conduct the underwater work, complete underwater services, including 35 mm photography and videography.

Inspection: Experienced Professionals to conduct on site inspections and systems analysis. We have over 15 years of underwater inspection experience of all types of power plants and dams, below the waterline. Internal pipe and tunnel inspection. Zero visibility inspections, cold water diving and under ice. Previous experience consisted of using commercial diving principles and techniques for inspecting major federal government water facilities in California, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Nevada, Wyoming, Arizona, Virginia and Idaho. Video and still underwater photography are used to document the inspections. Typical limited visibility is less than one foot. Other conditions are strong river currents and deep dives. The work in cold water (33 degrees plus) is done with the use of dry suits. Diving through the ice to conduct inspections. Search patterns are implemented to locate and recovery techniques are used to lift objects to the surface. Several research studies are monitored and data and specimens are collected. A portion of the inspection work is done at high altitudes and from metal and rubber hulled boats.

Consulting: Professional Engineers on staff to direct the field work

Surveys: Experienced Professionals to conduct the surveys, both topside and underwater

Analysis: Professional Engineers on staff to direct the analysis of the topside and underwater work and final report, with photographic and videographic documentation.

Evaluation: Professional Engineers on staff to evaluate the project before and after. Structural engineering evaluation. Complete and accurate reports documenting the findings and recommending solutions.

Investigations: Per your request

Research: Conducted year round and on an on-going basis

Maintenance: Repair or replacement of sluice gates, trash racks and intake screens.

Fish Screens: Design and installation.

Technical Services (Underwater and Topside): Available as part of our services

Search Specialists: Conducted at your request or as part of the project

Diving Safety: Every Day Every Hour

Reasonable costs, Customer oriented, Professionally staffed, Responsible, Dedicated Service, Specialists in Underwater Engineering, Timely Solutions, Your Source for Professional Divers and Engineers, Underwater Specialists and Underwater solutions experts.

Training for your staff: Divers Alert Network (DAN) Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries

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